End-point Chromogenic Endotoxin Test LAL Kit with Diazo Reagent

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End-point Chromogenic endotoxin test LAL kit with diazo reagent

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Leading provider of Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) reagents for endotoxin assay. LAL test is the best test for bacterial endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination in intravenous drugs, vaccines, and medical devices before the product release. We is the first manufacturer licensed by China FDA to manufacture TAL for use as an endotoxin quality control test in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

1. Product information

Chromogenic End-point LAL endotoxin testing assay is a fast measurement for endotoxin pyrogen testing quantification. The endotoxin in the sample activates a cascade of enzymes in LAL, the activated enzyme splits the synthetic substrate, releasing a yellow-colored product with maximum absorbance at 405nm. The yellow product can further react with diazo reagents forming purple product with maximum absorbance at 545nm. The absorbance of both yellow product and purple product are proportional to endotoxin levels, therefore, endotoxin is quantified. By adding diazo coupling reagent, the sensitivity of the assay is increased to 0.01EU/ml. A regular spectrophotometer or plate reader with 545nm or 540nm is required for the assay. This limulus amebocyte lysate assay kit contains LAL reagent, chromogenic substrates, stop reagents, Control Standard Endotoxin, LAL reagent water and diazo coupling reagents. This LAL endotoxin testing kit is suitable to be used in endotoxin testing for medical devices.

2. Product Parameter

Sensitivity range: 0.01-0.1EU/ml (assay time about 46 minutes)

                             0.1-1.0EU/ml (assay time about 16 minutes)

3. Product features and application

The End-point Chromogenic endotoxin test LAL kit with diazo reagent for the quantitative assay endotoxin using a standard spectrophotometer. In 16 minutes, the endotoxin level could be determined at a sensitivity of 0.1EU/ml. No expensive kinetic instruments are required. Suitable for the endotoxin assay for research purpose, and the labs that have a standard spectrophotometer with 540-545nm lights.

Operation chart

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4. Ordering information

Catalog Number


Kit Contents


Bioendo™ EC Endotoxin Test Kit (End-point   Chromogenic Assay, Diazo Coupling), 32 tests/kit

2 TAL Reagent, 1.7ml/vial;

2 TAL Reagent Water,   50ml/vial;

2 CSE;

2 Chromogenic Substrate,   1.7ml/vial;

1 Stop reagent,   50ml/vial;

2Diazo Reagent 1,   10ml/vial;

2 Diazo Reagent 2, 10ml   /vial;

2 Diazo Reagent 3,   10ml/vial;


Bioendo™ EC   Endotoxin Test Kit (End-point Chromogenic Assay, Diazo Coupling), 80   tests/kit

5 TAL Reagent,   1.7ml/vial;

3 TAL Reagent Water,   50ml/vial;

5 CSE;

5 Chromogenic   Substrate, 1.7ml/vial;

1 Stop reagent,   50ml/vial;

5 Diazo Reagent   1, 10ml/vial;

5 Diazo Reagent   2, 10ml /vial;

5 Diazo Reagent   3, 10ml/vial;

5. Product Qualification


6. Ordering FAQ

Product condition:

The LAL reagent sensitivity and the Control Standard Endotoxin potency are assayed against USP Reference Standard Endotoxin. The LAL reagent kits come with product instruction, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS.

How to order:

Please contact sales@houshiji.com to order the LAL reagents endotoxin detection kit. There is no minimal order volume required. The price depends on the order volume. We provide distributor discount for our distributors. The price is in US dollars. The final cost will be the order price plus the shipping cost. We need to know the shipping item to calculate the shipping weight.

Payment Method:

We required 100% prepayment for all orders. We accept T/T bank transfer or Paypal. If pay by Paypal 5% additional charge is required.

Shipping Condition:

Once we received the payment, we will ship in two days. Shipping is usually by air, it takes less than one week to reach the location. LAL Reagent is stable at controlled room temperature for more than two weeks. We usually ship the reagent at room temperature. After receipting LAL Reagent, long term storage at 2-8℃ is required.

Storage Condition:

The LAL reagent is stable for more than two years at 2-8℃. Store LAL reagent at 2-8℃ , avoid light. LAL Reagent Water is stable for more than three years at 2-20℃ .


LAL Reagent ( TAL Reagent ) from our company are formulated from the aqueous extract of circulating amebocytes of Chinese horseshoe crab (Tachypleus tridentatus). 

We are one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers. If you are looking for the end-point chromogenic endotoxin test lal kit with diazo reagent, please rest assured to buy the quality and reliable products with us. High quality and competitive service are offered.