Endotoxin and (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Detection Software Talgent

Endotoxin and (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Detection Software Talgent
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Endotoxin and (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Detection Software TALgent

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Kinetic endotoxin assay software for BioTek Blx808IULALXH. Calculates endotoxin concentration and recovery rate.

1. Product information

TALgent endotoxin and (1,3)-ß-D-glucan professional analysis software is a powerful kinetic data analysis software, which gives the user data acquisition and processing of the maximum flexibility.


• Apply to Endotoxin assay,(1,3)-ß-D-glucan assay and ELISA data analysis

• With standard version and clinical diagnostic version for the different user groups.

• Data could be output transitions and connected to the LIS system.

• Customizable endotoxin test reports.

• Data analyzed by onset time, average rate, maximum rate and other methods.

• Data linear fitting or polynomial fitting.

• Real-time backup of the original data read.

• Integration of variety of kinetic microplate readers.

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Gen5 software for BioTek   Elx808IULALXH


Gen5 Secure software for BioTek   Elx808IULALXH


Endotoxin and (1,3)-ß-D-glucan assay software TALgent


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