EtEraser Endotoxin Removal Kit

EtEraser Endotoxin Removal Kit
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EtEraser Endotoxin Removal kit

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We are the expert of endotoxin testing and endotoxin removal. We offer the complete solutions covering the whole range of endotoxin control, endotoxin monitoring and testing. Our products include laboratory research uses endotoxin removal kits and could be scaled up to industrial production scale columns.

1. Product information

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a bacterial endotoxin and a major constituent of the cell walls of gramnegative bacteria. Recombinant protein from E.coli usually contains high level of endotoxins. The removal of these endotoxins is highly necessary for downstream processes.

EtEraserTM endotoxin removal kits are designed to remove endotoxin contamination from aqueous solutions. The kits contain endotoxin removal resin binds to reduce endotoxin levels in protein samples by ≥99% in less than 2 hours.

EtEraserTM endotoxin removal kit utilizes immobilized affinity ligand modified PMB to bind and remove endotoxin from aqueous solution. The modified PMB (polymyxin B)  ligand is a high specific endotoxin binding ligand. The column has very high protein recovery rate for more than 95%. Endotoxin level in the sample can be less than 0.1 EU/ml after endotoxin removing process.

The kit includes a pre-packed endotoxin removal column 1.5 ml, Equilibration Buffer, Regeneration Buffer and pyrogen-free collection tube and tips. The column has a high binding capacity of > 2, 000, 000 EU / ml. This product may be reused up to five times if properly regenerated. The affinity resin is available in slurry and could be up-scaling in biopharmaceutical process.


2. Product features

• high stability --- does not affect the activity of most of the biological sample

• high bonding capacity --- >2000000 EU/ml

• high protein recovery --- >95% protein recovery for protein samples

• high removal efficiency --- remove >99% endotoxin, endotoxin level in the sample can be less than 0.1 EU/ml after endotoxin removing process

• wide application range --- can be used in endotoxin removal for proteins, peptides, antibodies, vaccines, polysaccharide and other biological samples

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EtEraserTM endotoxin removal kit

With one EtEraserTM endotoxin removal pre-packed column 1.5ml, Regeneration Buffer, Equilibration Buffer, pyrogen-free collection tube and pyrogen-free tips


EtEraserTM endotoxin removal resin 10ml

With Regeneration Buffer and Equilibration Buffer

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